How are musical rhythm and grammar related in children with varying language abilities?

Our lab investigates the functional relationship between rhythm and grammar in children, examining the differences between children with typical language development and those with specific language impairment. This research is headed by our Principal Investigator, Dr. Reyna Gordon, PhD. 

Primary Research Goals

  1. Examine associations between rhythm perception/production and grammar skills in children with typical and atypical development.
  2. Investigate neural and behavioral mechanisms underlying these associations.
  3. Determine if short-term rhythmic listening or musical activities can influence language task performance and language skills.
  4. Investigate the genetic basis of rhythm and language. 

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EEG Reyna_0.png


Our Principal Investigator, Dr. Reyna Gordon, PhD, adjusting EEG electrodes on a participant. 


Families with children 5.5-7 years of age, with or without a language impairment may be eligible to participate.

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