Valentina Persici

Visiting PhD student in Neuroscience

Valentina Persici is a Ph.D. student in Psychology, Linguistics, and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Milano – Bicocca, in Italy, and since November 2018 a visiting Ph.D. student in Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University. She received her BA in Foreign Languages and Linguistics from the University of Urbino (Italy) and her MA in Psycholinguistics from the University of York (UK). She also received a master’s degree in Clarinet studies from the Conservatory G. Rossini of Pesaro (Italy). Before starting her Ph.D. program, she won a research scholarship from the University of Verona (Italy) to carry out a study on language processing in bilingual children in collaboration with Prof. Marilyn Vihman (University of York). At the University of Milano – Bicocca, and now at Vanderbilt University, she has had the chance to combine her interests in psycholinguistics and in music. Her work focuses on language, tonal, and rhythmic processing in both typically developing and clinical populations who have early exposure to music and/or a second language.


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Persici, V., Stucchi, N., & Arosio, F. (in press). Predicting the future in rhythm and language: The anticipation abilities of a group of Italian-speaking children. In P. Guijarro Fuentes & C. Suárez Gómez. Proceedings of GALA 13. Language acquisition and development. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.