Tanguy du Mérac

Ph.D Student, Human Genetics

Tanguy du Mérac is an incoming second-year doctoral student in the Human Genetics Graduate Program at Vanderbilt University, currently interested in unravelling the neural and genetic basis of human musicality traits under the supervision of Dr. Reyna Gordon. During his MSc in Biomedical Sciences (University of Amsterdam), he dedicated his research to the genetic underpinnings of reading ability in Dr. Beate St. Pourcain’s research group (MPI for Psycholinguistics), as well as the genetic aetiology of inherited neurodegenerative disorders (i3S, Portugal). He holds a BSc in Microbiology and a BA in Philosophy, both awarded by the Catholic University of Portugal, and is eager to bring his contributions to both fields. Outside of work, Tanguy really enjoys playing piano, baking, writing poems, and reading books.