• Maya Martin-Gonzalez

    Neuroscience, Piano

    Maya Martin-Gonzalez grew up in Western Massachusetts, and is currently a third year undergraduate at Vanderbilt University where she is studying Neuroscience and Piano Performance. She is a transfer student from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Maya is exploring her interests in research and is hoping to pursue topics relating to rhythm perception. In her free time, Maya enjoys climbing, cooking, playing piano, and going to concerts!

  • Selena Steinberg

    Child Studies

    Selena Steinberg is a current Master’s student on the Clinical and Developmental Research Track of Peabody College’s Child Studies program. She grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Tufts University in 2018, where she majored in Child Study & Human Development and Mathematics and minored in Drama and Dance. One of Selena’s main research interests is understanding the ways in which the performing arts impact development, but she is also passionate about arts integration and math education. In her free time, Selena enjoys tap dancing, listening to showtunes, and reading.  

  • Aparna Srinivasan


    Aparna Srinivasan is from Westmont, Illinois, and she is currently a first year student at Vanderbilt University. She is majoring in neuroscience, and has been interning with the Hydrocephalus Association for the past three years. Outside of the lab, she loves to write her own music, sing, and play the ukulele. In the future, she hopes to attend medical school, and possibly specialize in pediatrics. She is very excited to spend the next few years in Nashville working with Dr. Lense and the rest of the team. 

  • Lia Okenkova

    Cognitive Studies and Human & Organizational Development

    Lia Okenkova is a first-year undergraduate student from Naples, Florida majoring in Cognitive Studies and Human & Organizational Development. She is passionate about arts integration with an educational focus and loves to sing and act. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree where she can build upon and explore the ways in which the arts can impact and improve learning and development. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new cities, listening to Broadway cast albums, and hanging out with friends.

  • Zoe Crawley

    Cognitive Studies and Child Development

    Zoe Crawley is a second-year undergraduate student from Alexandria, Virginia. She is a Cognitive Studies and Child Development major and Creative Writing minor. She is especially interested connecting experience with the arts with  emotional development in early childhood, and hopes to pursue a career in clinical psychology with a focus on music cognition. In the future, she plans to engage in graduate work that integrates music and arts therapy into clinical practice. Outside of the lab, she enjoys singing and writing music, baking, and spending all the time she can outside.