Enikő Ladányi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Enikő Ladányi is a post-doctoral fellow at the Music Cognition Lab. She did her PhD at Budapest University of Technology and Economics on the role of cognitive control in language development in children with language impairment and in typically developing children. Then she joined an international collaboration – the PredictAble project – to study early language-related skills in infants and to try to discover early markers of later language problems at Paris Descartes University. In her current work at the Music Cognition Lab she continues a similar line of research by exploring the relationship between rhythmic skills at infancy and later language development.

In her free time she can't get rid of rhythm, she likes to attend either crazy minimal noise electro or classical music concerts. You can often find her in museums or art galleries. You might also meet her with a saber or a cello in her hand since she loves fencing and she plays the cello.

Find her CV, publications and more here: https://enikoladanyi.com/