New VUMC Internet Connection

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, a new Internet connection for Vanderbilt University Medical Center will go into service.  Currently, the Medical Center shares an Internet connection with Vanderbilt University. This activity is part of continuing efforts to establish an independent information technology infrastructure for Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Ten strategies for practicing Wi-Fi cybersecurity

October is cyber security awareness month Ten strategies for practicing Wi-Fi cybersecurity The use of public Wi-Fi has become a topic of concern for many people, especially those in the cybersecurity. There are Wi-Fi connections nearly everywhere now. Anyone with a phone, a computer, or other device has used this convenient tool because of its availability and ease-of-use. Our favorite restaurants, coffee shops, airports, and meeting places offer Wi-Fi hotspots.

Replay the recent SAS Webinar

SAS Institute presented a webinar for VUMC customers on SAS Office Analytics this past Sept. 8. The 90-minute discussion included an introduction to SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Studio. Replay the SAS Webinar Recording at ****. NOTE: The Google URL Shortening Tool was used to shorten the URL provided by SAS.