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Microsoft Home Use Program

Microsoft's Home Use Program allows VUMC employees to receive a 30% discount for Microsoft 365 Personal (originally $69.99) or Microsoft 365 Family (originally $99.99). From April 23, 2021 through June 16, 2021, receive a 50% discount for the first 12 months.  After 12 months, the discount reverts to 30%. Find more information on the Software Store's website under Special Deals.

Platform Support Update for MATLAB

Mathworks, maker of MATLAB, is dropping support for the following platforms: Debian 9: Support ends with R2021a macOS Majave (10.14): Support is scheduled to end as of R2021b Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: Support is scheduled to end as of R2021b Windows 7: Support is scheduled to end as of R2022a Note: Mathworks releases two versions of its products each year. RXXXXa arrives each spring.  RXXXXb arrives each fall.  R stands for release.  XXXX represents the four-digit year.