July 1 deadline announced for replacing Windows 7 workstations

As previously announced, Microsoft is no longer supporting their outdated Windows 7 operating system. On July 1, 2022, all workstations still using Windows 7 will be blocked from the network. These workstations have already been cut off from accessing the virtual private network (VPN) as they are no longer supported by our VPN solution. Get your new Windows 10 device

What you should know as Microsoft retires support for the Windows 7 operating system

Microsoft is no longer supporting their outdated Windows 7 operating system. To ensure the security of our workstations and in support of the broader ExpeditionTech Program, VUMC IT and Vanderbilt Enterprise Cybersecurity are migrating all workstations to the Windows 10 operating system. As a result, all workstations running Windows 7 are impacted. Effective immediately, Windows 7 workstations can no longer connect to the VPN

ExpeditionTech PrinterLogic initiative brings simplified printing capabilities to workforce 

To support the ExpeditionTech program and our enterprise migration to more modern and secure technology, the ExpeditionTech team will convert existing VUMC IT-managed printers to PrinterLogic, for both clinical and administrative systems in the coming weeks. The rollout impacts all VUMC IT-managed printers, as well as both shared and stand-alone workstations with current mapping to a printer.  The move to PrinterLogic will:

Get all the help you need with these ExpeditionTech support tools

We are now several months into ExpeditionTech, an ongoing multi-year effort pioneering a new path to more secure and modern technology environments built for VUMC. VUMC IT remains committed to supporting you through the process and simplifying your transition experience. For up-to-date guidance and information, we encourage you to continue to participate in the following knowledge and support opportunities: