Microsoft experts host VUMC OneDrive education sessions to support individual file migration; sign up prior to your migration

The migration to OneDrive for Business as our individual file-sharing, cloud storage, and collaboration solution has begun! To support our workforce throughout the migration process, VUMC IT has developed multiple resources, including inviting experts at Microsoft to help you learn more in our OneDrive Education Sessions.


  • VUMC workforce can sign up for a OneDrive Education Session, available every Friday at 10 a.m. throughout the migration.
    • Completing a session in advance provides critical context to ease migration.
    • In these one-hour sessions, Microsoft experts introduce how OneDrive works and how to create, find, and share your files for real-time collaboration. 
  • Leverage the Look-Up Tool to find your group(s) and access the OneDrive Migration Schedule located below the look-up table.

Find out more:

The migration of individual files to OneDrive for Business supports the broader ExpeditionTech program and our move to a single technology platform. See the OneDrive Announcement for more information.