Get all the help you need with these ExpeditionTech support tools

We are now several months into ExpeditionTech, an ongoing multi-year effort pioneering a new path to more secure and modern technology environments built for VUMC. VUMC IT remains committed to supporting you through the process and simplifying your transition experience. For up-to-date guidance and information, we encourage you to continue to participate in the following knowledge and support opportunities: 

Explanation of files to be migrated by ExpeditionTech to Microsoft OneDrive for Business

The first three groups of ExpeditionTech OneDrive individual user file migration are complete. With feedback from three pilots and three migrated groups to inform our continued success, the ExpeditionTech team is providing additional insight on the most asked questions: Which files will be migrated and where can I find them afterward? Click here for a video that answers those questions:

Vanderbilt Enterprise Cybersecurity accelerating deployment of multi-factor authentication in two areas

  Historically, the health care industry has been a top 10 target for identity attacks. In 2020, with the onset of COVID-19, overall attempts increased. In July of 2021 alone, there were millions of intrusion-attempts on VUMC’s network and perimeter, including phishing and malware, and even ransomware attacks. The vast majority were thwarted by security measures already in place by Vanderbilt Enterprise Cybersecurity.

ExpeditionTech launches new tools and technology in 2021!

In an ongoing effort to create secure and modern technology environments, VUMC IT has launched a multi-year initiative called ExpeditionTech. Eventually, this initiative will touch every VUMC device, tool, and application, along with all VUMC’s data. Throughout 2021, you can expect to receive VUMC IT support to guide you through these changes, along with regular updates tailored to your specific department or user group. 

Prism Academy - Access through GraphPad Prism

GraphPad Prism subscribers have free access to Prism Academy, the new GraphPad Prism Learning Center. Access Prism Academy by upgrading your Prism software to the latest version.  After you update, you will see a Prism Academy button on the welcome screen.  This will take you directly to the courses.

MATLAB R2021 Available

Mathworks, maker of MATLAB, released MATLAB R2021a.  The new release includes updates to MATLAB, Simulink and over 50 additional add-on products. R2021 also includes three new products:

Platform Support Update for MATLAB

Mathworks, maker of MATLAB, is dropping support for the following platforms: Debian 9: Support ends with R2021a macOS Majave (10.14): Support is scheduled to end as of R2021b Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: Support is scheduled to end as of R2021b Windows 7: Support is scheduled to end as of R2022a Note: Mathworks releases two versions of its products each year. RXXXXa arrives each spring.  RXXXXb arrives each fall.  R stands for release.  XXXX represents the four-digit year.

DigiCert Scheduled Maintenance - Saturday, April 3, 2021, 11 PM - 1 AM

DigiCert will perform scheduled maintenance on Saturday, April 3rd, from 11 PM through 1 AM.  DigiCert is the certificate authority VUMC IT uses to create the SSL certificates we offer to the enterprise through the VUMC Software Store. During the scheduled outage, the Software Store cannot order, renew or reissue SSL certificates. Please schedule high-priority orders, renewals and reissues outside the maintenance window.