Network Cable Installation


Departments requiring new or additional cabling assistance (outside the VUMC IT data center) should follow the two-step process below.

NOTE: Network cable installation requires the use of a licensed contractor in some situations. Follow departmental vendor procurement processes for completion of these services.

How can I get it?


The building code process requires that cable runs be completed by a licensed contractor or electrician. This involves getting a quote for the work needed. Departments that need new cables run outside of VUMC IT data centers have two options:

  • Submit a “Pegasus Ticket for Add Data Cables
    • Once the form is submitted, a quote for the work will be sent to the requestor.
    • There is no cost or obligation for the quote itself, and no work will begin until it is approved by you/the Requestor.
  • Contact Plant Operations at, and fill out an Estimate Request.
    • These contractors do not have access to network switch port configurations. 
    • These contractors do charge for their services.
    • No work will begin until it is approved through your department's normal procedures.


When the new cable run is completed, submit a Pegasus Request for “Activate Network Port” to have the new cable run to the network and configured to match your needs. Submitting this second request is the best way to let VUMC IT know that the contractor has completed their work. 

Information required for an Activate Network Port Request

  • Building Room number (as taken from the wall jack)
    • NOTE: The room number on the wall jack might not match the room number on your door. Additionally, a wall jack should have two room numbers. One is the room you are in. The other is the communication room the cable is directed to. Ensure that your room number is on your request and NOT the communication room.
    • Example: "Request patching of VUH room 3265A, jack D02"
  • Jack number for each activation

Assistance and Support

  • If you need assistance or have questions about cabling or wiring, request contact a VUMC IT Customer Relationship Manager for consultation.
  • If you are having an issue with a cable, contact the VUMC IT/NTT Help Desk at 615-343-HELP/3-4357 or submit a Pegasus Ticket and indicate the issue you are having.

Consider this before submitting a ticket for cable, network or connectivity issues:

The number one cause of poor or intermittent network connectivity is a bad cable connected to the workstation. Ensure that this cable is checked and/or replaced before submitting a ticket for port activation or cable services.

For Independent IT Support Providers - We recommend using a high-quality CAT 6 patch cable, such as CommScope.

VUMC Infrastructure Wiring Standards

Network Support Responsibility

Network Services is responsible for network connectivity to wall jacks. If the department has devices managed by VUMC IT, these cables will be maintained by VUMC IT.

Departmental Responsibility

The end device and its patch cable are the responsibility of the department or Independent IT Support Providers. If the department has devices managed by VUMC IT, these cables will be provided by VUMC IT.