Knowledge Management


IT Knowledge Management refers to the capture of data and other IT-related information and combining it into a database of knowledge (observations, ideas, and insights) called Knowledge Articles. These knowledge articles are available to IT Service Providers (ISPs) and end-users for assistance with IT issues and in support of strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making processes. 

Why write a Knowledge Article?

  • Decreases the amount of time that must be spent training employees.  With accurate and up-to-date information on related resources and materials, Workgroup members require fewer formal training sessions. 
  • Reduces the number of errors made by Workgroup members. 
  • Allows IT professionals to respond to customer needs faster and more effectively.  Workgroup members will know how to answer customer questions more accurately. 

How do I begin writing Knowledge Articles?

Most Pegasus users have the ability to create and maintain Knowledge Articles. 

Workgroup Specialists have the ability to create and maintain Knowledge Articles for their work group.  Work group managers submit a Pegasus Request ticket for Pegasus user access for their team members.  The team members are assigned the appropriate ITSM courses to upgrade their Pegasus role and assignment to a Workgroup. 

  • Who can change Knowledge Article information?

    Knowledge Article Owner Group members can create and maintain Knowledge Articles for their own Workgroups. Knowledge Management Administrators have the ability to update any Knowledge Articles.

    What should I consider when creating a Knowledge Article?

    • Is the subject a candidate for a new KM Article?
    • Check that the information does not already exist to avoid duplication. 
      • The Workgroup team member is responsible for looking at the existing categorization structure by Article Name and Keywords to assure there is no duplicate Knowledge Article. 
      • Knowledge Management can guide Article Owners through this process, if necessary.
    • Workgroup Managers are responsible for guiding team members in their respective Workgroups to determine what articles should be in the Pegasus Knowledge Management System.

    Does this Knowledge Article fall into the definition of what should be in the Knowledge Management Module?

    • The Knowledge Article Workgroup Manager and Knowledge Article Workgroup team members are responsible for determining which Knowledge Articles need to be included in Knowledge Management System for their Workgroup. 
    • Knowledge Articles should reflect an appropriate level of granularity for the components supported by the Workgroup.