VWell: Empowerment and Well-being of Physicians

  • Peer Support Programs at VUMC
  • Workplace Violence Prevention - A brief overview of workplace violence prevention and available VUMC resources to respond to incidents and provide staff support.
  • eStar Support - The HealthIT team offers a variety of resources to support providers in their use of clinical systems, including eStar.
  • Provider Quality Time Away: A tool-kit to familiarize faculty and physicians with the policies, procedures, and tips for taking time away from work for personal well-being.
  • Affinity Groups Groups formed around a shared interest.
  • Doris Duke Partners Program: Support for early career faculty who are facing exceptional care giving challenges. PARTNERS helps to restore stability and protect promising research careers by offering professional and personal "extra hands".
    • Occupational Health Clinic - OHC protects VU & VUMC faculty and staff health while they are at work through programs to monitor exposure to workplace hazards and treat work-related illness and injury. The OHC also offers an Express Care Clinic for limited non-work related health care needs.
    • Work/Life Connections – EAP - WLC elevates stress resilience through group education and brief individual counseling or coaching for VUMC faculty and staff. It has services devoted to the special issues encountered by faculty, physicians, and nurses in addition to those provided other staff. Critical Stress Management Debriefing for groups following major events is available.
    • Health Plus - HP promotes healthy lifestyles through programs such as Go for the Gold, Lifestyle Coaching, the Diabetes Prevention Program, and other healthy lifestyle promotion and prevention services for VUMC faculty and staff. Services are provided at multiple locations throughout campus as well as throughout the region.
  • Career Development

    • VUMC Faculty Affairs and Career Development - providing faculty advocacy, promote academic quality, and advance the strategic goals of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (VUSOM)
    • VUMC Faculty Career Development - The Office of Faculty Affairs is dedicated to the professional development and well-being of its faculty members. (VUSOM) The Faculty Development Resources webpage provides an inclusive listing of faculty development opportunities available on campus and through external entities
    • VUMC Faculty Professional Development - The Office of Faculty Affairs is dedicated to the professional development and well-being of its faculty members.



    • Performance Coaching - Offered through Work/Life Connections-EAP, this service for VUMC faculty and staff focuses on enhancing productivity and workplace effectiveness through goal-setting and skill-building
    • Health Plus Lifestyle Coaching - Personal lifestyle coaching for VUMC faculty/staff and spouses to help you find the motivation and tools to reach your goals. Goals might include losing weight, being more physically active, eating better, quitting smoking or lowering stress.
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center Resources

    • VUMC Diversity and Inclusion - Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our success in reducing health disparities in the populations we serve. Moreover, a workforce that is not only diverse but also inclusive in nature, is more effective at crafting innovative solutions to the major challenges of health care and in executing on those solutions as a team.
    • VUMC Office for Diversity Affairs - The best environment for learning is a diverse environment. There are numerous programs to support all students contributing to the diversity of our student body at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, including the Student National Medical Association and the Alliance for Cultural Diversity in Research, a graduate student organization.
    • Vanderbilt University Police Department - Professional law enforcement agency dedicated to the protection and security of Vanderbilt University and its diverse community. EMERGENCY — Call 911 or  from off campus, call (615) 421-1911 or -Non-Emergency — Call (615) 322-2745 or 2-2745 from a campus extension
    • VUMC Employee and Labor Relations, Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, Disability (EAD) - Provides services and advises employees and managers about employment related concerns, including disciplinary matters, performance improvement plans, equal opportunity, affirmative action and disability services (EAD).