What is workplace violence?

As outlined in the VUMC Policy, Workplace Violence (WPV)- Management of Disruptive and Aggressive Behavior, workplace violence is:

  • "Conduct or comments that are inappropriate, demeaning, or otherwise offensive and create an uncomfortable, hostile, and/or intimidating environment.
    • This may include any direct or indirect act or threat of violence, sexual and other harassment, intimidation or other threatening behavior that occurs at the workplace.
    • Examples of such behavior include but are not limited to the following: Bullying, stalking, threats, intimidation, physical attack, property damage, or domestic and family violence. This includes acts of violence committed by or against workforce members, patients, learners, and visitors.
  • [Workplace violence can occur at]…any location, either permanent or temporary, where a workforce member performs any work-related duty, including locations that VUMC does not own or control.
    • This includes the buildings and surrounding perimeters (e.g., parking lots), as well as off-campus locations, alternate work locations, or while engaged in activities for VUMC in other locations, at VUMC-sponsored events), or at facilities owned by other entities or individuals, and places open to the public."

Understanding Workplace Violence Wellcast from Occupational Health



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