When a colleague is impacted by an unanticipated outcome or challenging case, Peer Support Teams within a workgroup proactively offer emotional support to affected peers. Several Teams have undergone specialized training equipping them to identify early signs of stress and burnout and how to provide guidance or referral to resources, as required.

General Surgery Wellbeing Response Team-Resilience Rapid Response Team (RT3): This Team is committed to being approachable and available to the residents and faculty of the Department of Surgery during ordinary and extraordinary times of stress.

Perioperative Services PULSE PAUSE Peer Support Team: Working to ensure that all clinicians & team in the surgical areas receive the appropriate support following a critical patient incident. 

Safe Faculty Peer Support Medicine Team: Residents can seek out Safe Faculty when there is a concern in their career that shakes confidence and they have a need for affirmation or to process their reactions.

Behavioral Health Clinical Practice Group: The Psychiatric Hospital at Vanderbilt has a process group for clinicians to address the emotional impact of treating challenging patients.

Peer Support ToolkitProvides information on existing peer support programs across the medical center, as well as an 8-step guide to creating your own peer support program within your work unit.  Available training options at VUMC are included.