Professional Development

Faculty Development Programming chart

Faculty Development Resources

The Office of Faculty Affairs is dedicated to the professional development and well-being of its faculty members. The Faculty Development Resource pages provide an inclusive listing of developmental opportunities available on campus and through external entities as well as a library of publications related professional development. The two links included are below:

Faculty Training

Faculty members involved in clinical care, biomedical research and education are subject to increasing and changing regulatory requirements that often require additional training. The School of Medicine and the Vanderbilt Medical Center have combined efforts to address the need for a centralized process for faculty to access training.

Online Faculty Development Programming

The Office of Faculty Affairs designed Online Faculty Programming with the intent to provide Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (VUSM) faculty members with the resources, tools, and knowledge in a virtual format. The Office of Faculty Affairs acknowledges that the demands of working in the academic medical profession are abundant, and we encourage our faculty members to seek faculty development programming at their convenience. Access to this site is available by VUNetID only. 

School of Medicine Faculty Awards Ceremony 

The School of Medicine Faculty Awards recognize excellence in teaching, research, and clinical service. These awards are given by the faculty to the faculty. It is the recognition of extraordinary contribution by peers that makes these awards unique and most valued. The annual awards for Excellence in Teaching, Extraordinary Performance of Clinical Service, and Outstanding Contributions to Research are proud Vanderbilt traditions.

The awards for Excellence in Teaching in the School of Medicine are named in honor of faculty who have exemplified the specifics of each award. The awards for Extraordinary Performance of Clinical Service are named in honor of past faculty physicians who were innovators in clinical care. The awards for Outstanding Contributions to Research are named in honor of current and past Vanderbilt faculty who have been recognized during their careers by election to the National Academy of Sciences. All of these awards are testimony to the exceptional and extraordinary achievements of our School of Medicine faculty.

Office of Health Sciences Education

The Office of Health Sciences Education provides a range of educator development programming across the medical education continuum (UME, GME and CME/MOC) to support medical educators in their professional development as educators and in educational scholarship.

Clinical and Translational Scientist Development

The Office for Clinical and Translational Scientist Development provides an integrated career development program for all physician-scientists, regardless of their scope of research, and for PhD-scientists engaged in translational or clinical research.

Academic Leadership Program

The Academic Leadership Program is designed to refine leadership skills for distinguished senior faculty. The program provides the foundation for success in the roles of chairperson, division chief or center director. The program engages distinguished faculty from the Owen School of Management, senior School of Medicine leaders, and the Lipscomb University Institute for Conflict Management.

Department Administrator Roundtable Series

The Department Administrator Roundtable Series is designed to engage VUSM department administrators in learning functions associated with the Office of Faculty Affairs. The program consists of monthly meetings on topics related to faculty work-lives. Recent topics include (a) appointments and promotions, (b) reappointments, (c) offer letters, (d) professional development, (e) compliance, and (f) conflict of interest. 

Thomas A. Hazinski Faculty Development Workshop

The Hazinski Workshop is an annual half-day conference on a chosen topic related to faculty development. The program consists of a keynote lecture, complemented by interactive workshops in varying formats. Recent topics covered include: conflict resolution/communication, mentoring strategies and development of educator tools.

Women on Track

The overall mission of the Women on Track program is three-fold:  To promote the retention and advancement of tenure-track women faculty in medical science; to provide mentorship, support and career education for junior faculty women; and to construct a framework from which to attract and retain talented women from the house staff and post-doctoral levels of our organization.

Early-Career Investigator Workshop Series

The Early-Career Investigator Workshop Series is a series of workshops designed to engage assistant level faculty conducting bench science who wish to learn and refine skills related to lab management and success in basic research. Areas covered include building your research team, managing your research team, honing your mentoring skills, faculty wellness and resiliency, financial lab management, and other management insights.

Educator Track Networking Sessions

The Educator Track Networking Sessions are informal monthly lunch-time sessions. The purpose of this program is to informally network with Office of Faculty Affairs staff, other educator track faculty members, and expand your professional network at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. 

European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)

The Office of Faculty Affairs (both VU and VUMC) have contracted with the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) to offer their Laboratory Leadership Course here on the VUMC campus. Individuals normally must travel to the EMBO in Heidelberg to take this course. The EMBO program specifically focuses on the life sciences, leadership management, understanding the international research landscape, collaborative research, and team dynamics. EMBO is inclusive of both male and female investigators and allows for 16 participants per cohort. 

Mid-Career Leadership Development Program

The Mid-Career Leadership Development Program is designed to cultivate and prepare future leaders in the medical center. The program provides the foundation for success of selected Associate Professors exhibiting leadership abilities. The program engages distinguished faculty members from the Owen School of Management, senior School of Medicine leaders, and selected leaders from regional and national Academic Medical Associations.

Mid-Career Skills Building Program

The Mid-Career Skills Building Program is a series of workshops designed to engage Associate level faculty in learning core competencies necessary for effective department and/or section/division leadership.  The didactic and colloquial sessions will provide practical examples and applications of the core competencies necessary to lead departments, divisions, centers and other combined clinical and academic enterprises at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Mid-career faculty are invited to attend all sessions, or only those of interest to them.  

Promotion through The Ranks

The Promotion through the Ranks program is a series of workshops offered to all faculty members about the policies, processes, and expectations during the appointments and promotions process. The workshops are separated by academic track to ensure faculty members receive appointments and promotions data and information about their individual track. The workshops include a panel discussion with senior administrators, recently promoted faculty members, and senior faculty members who have served on the appointments and promotions committee. 

New Faculty Welcome Breakfast Series

The New Faculty Welcome Breakfast Series is a quarterly breakfast meeting for newly hired School of Medicine faculty members. This informal networking opportunity serves as a way for new faculty members to meet Faculty Affairs staff, learn about services, and meet other newly hired faculty members. 

Research Track Networking Sessions

The Research Track Networking Sessions are informal monthly lunch-time sessions. The purpose of this program is to informally network with Office of Faculty Affairs staff, other research track faculty members, and expand your professional network at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. 

Academy for Excellence in Education

The Academy for Excellence in Education provides a forum to foster higher levels of participation and promote excellence and scholarship in the delivery of medical education. The Academy was established in November of 2006 and is currently comprised of 50 distinguished medical educators from the School of Medicine.

The Center for Professional Health

The Vanderbilt Center for Professional Health is designed to be an educational, research and prevention resource to address matters of professional health. In particular, the Center offers the following services: continuing education on proper prescribing controlled drugs, maintaining proper boundaries, improving workplace behavior, and research on matters of professional health and performance.

Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) Program for Women

Established in 1995, the Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine® (ELAM) program offers an intensive one-year fellowship of leadership training with extensive coaching, networking and mentoring opportunities aimed at expanding the national pool of qualified women candidates for leadership in academic medicine, dentistry and public health.

Several Vanderbilt faculty members are members of the ELAM alumnae network. These alumnae are a part of a rich network that spans discipline, age, and profession. One of ELAM's goals is to support this diverse community in a manner that contributes to the success of our ELUMs long beyond their fellowship year.