New Appointment Check Sheet (pdf) Updated 9/8/2016

Promotion Check Sheet (pdf) Updated 11/10/2016

Adjunct and Visiting (Salaried) Check Sheet (pdf) Updated 12/7/2015

Volunteer and Visiting (Non-Salaried) Check Sheet (pdf) Updated 6/10/2016

Reappointment, Departure/Non-Renewal Check Sheet (pdf) Updated 10/25/2016

Meharry Faculty at Vanderbilt Check Sheet (pdf)

Supporting Documentation for the Process of Appointment and Promotion

Administrative Information Sheet to Submit with Dossiers (Optional)

Curriculum Vitae

Critical Reference (pdf) or Critical Reference (doc)

Educator Portfolio (to create Documentation of Teaching), About Educator Portfolio

Recruitment Guidelines with Faculty Survey Form (pdf) Updated 12/10/2015
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