VUMC Telephone Use

To dial on campus phones use last five digits of number only. Campus extensions begin with a 1, 2, 3, or 6. If you are dialing from off-campus but only have the five-digit extension:

  • If the last five digits are 1-XXXX, the number is actually 615-421-XXXX
  • If the last five digits are 2-XXXX, the number is actually 615-322-XXXX
  • If the last five digits are 3-XXXX, the number is actually 615-343-XXXX
  • If the last five digits are 6-XXXX, the number is actually 615-936-XXXX

To dial a number outside of VUMC (including to the VA) from a campus phone:

  • Local: 9 + Area Code (even if within Nashville) + Number
  • Long Distance: For VUMC business purpose calls only, use your V-net Long Distance Code issued to you via e-mail during your first week or so of training at VUMC (contact the GME Office if you cannot find your code).
    • Domestic Long Distance: # + 9 + V-Net Code + 9 + 1 + Area Code + Number
    • International Long Distance: # + 9 + V-Net Code + 9 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number

For House Staff who wIll join faculty and would like to keep their current V-net Long Distance Code, Program Coordinators must submit a requisition by the end of June to transfer the code from the GME cost center to your department's cost center. GME will not continue to cover the V-net code for those no longer appointed through GME.

To transfer a V-net code to a new department:

  • Log into eProcurement
  • Click 'Shop eCatalogs' at the top
  • Click the 'Information Technology' banner on the right side
  • Click 'Billing Changes'
  • Click 'Change Center Number for Billing'
  • Enter '2016200000' for 'Current Center'
  • Enter your cost center for 'New Center'
  • Service to Change is 'V-Net Code'