Listing a Property with GME

All house staff interested in selling or renting property can submit an email to and your request will be posted here.  PLEASE USE THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. 


  • You must be a current or former Vanderbilt house officer (within 12 months of leaving).
  • The title must be in the subject line.
  • The property description must be in the body of the email message.
  • We will accept attachments.  It can be a SINGLE digital photo , a flyer from your realtor, etc. 

Format for Listings

  • TITLE (in subject line):  DESCRIPTION (e.g. "2 bed, 2 bath, xx sq. ft.", "refurbished brick cottage", etc.) - AREA (Belleview, Green Hills, etc.) AND/OR ADDRESS - PRICE
  • DESCRIPTION/SPECIFICATIONS:  Please include the description and/or specifications in the body of the email, or, if you wish, you can just link to your MLS listing, or to another website.
  • CONTACT INFORMATION: Yours or your realtor's.

View other listings on our site here.

**Please beware of email scams.  The GME office cannot be responsible for money lost in a transaction.  This is a posting service only.**

The GME office does not want to advertise obsolete housing/roommate listings. All housing listings will be assumed obsolete after 90 days and removed unless we are otherwise notified. You may notify us that your listing should be kept up by emailing

Other Vanderbilt Listing Options

myVU Classifieds - Vanderbilt posters only (includes alumni).