Crystal Jackson, MSN, RN

picCrystal Jackson, MSN, RN, NPD-BC
Nursing Education and Professional Development - Ambulatory


I choose VUMC because of the opportunity to grow in my profession and to offer my talents across VMG in professional development and education. VUMC offers diversity and engagement, which is core to my personal beliefs. In my current role as the Director of Clinical Education and Professional Development for Adult Ambulatory, I have led a team of educators to offer an LPN transition to practice program and initiated an Adult Ambulatory nurse resident track. We continue to work on developing orientation and onboarding, offering Medical Assistant development, and overall education for all staff in VMG. Vanderbilt nurses are the best because of their leadership, dedication, and drive to achieve the best care for their patients. The best part of being a nurse Leader at VUMC is working side by side with other exceptional nurse leaders who are striving for the same goal.