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Welcome! This page highlights and celebrates activities of VCLIC members and their teams, across VUMC and beyond! 

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DBMI Annual Employee Celebration Award Winners


During the DBMI Annual Employee Celebration and Holiday Party on December 6th, 2022, Allison McCoy, PhD, was awarded the Above and Beyond Award for Faculty by the Department Chair, Peter Embi, MD, MS. Allison received this award for her productivity and service to VUMC and the department, especially in consideration of her work as the Scientific Director of the Clinical Informatics Core. In the Core’s first year of operation (August 2021-August 2022), the Core received 101 total requests from 87 individual researchers (15 were repeat customers). In that time, 42 of the requests were completed, with about 20 projects in progress, 13 waiting funding (grants), and the remainder either awaiting decisions by the requestor or determined out of scope. The Core continues to acquire new and additional business and is improving its cost recovery each month—several customers have submitted feedback stating that Allison and her team are doing a phenomenal job and validating the importance of having such a service at VUMC. Through her work with the Core, Allison has facilitated and built several Epic-based interventions, including clinical decision support and predictive models, which have led to several publications and improved care and outcomes at VUMC. 

In addition to Allison’s award, two other VCLIC members received departmental awards at the celebration:  

Laurie Novak, PhD, received the DBMI Outstanding Educator Award for her fantastic teaching and course instruction. 

Yaa Kumah-Crystal, MD, MS, MPH, received the DBMI TODE Award for her outstanding work as Clinical Director, especially her projects on voice recognition and EHRs. 

AMIA Annual Symposium Recap  

It was so wonderful to see so many VCLIC members, future VCLIC members, past VCLIC members, and VCLIC friends at AMIA last week! We are still recovering but wanted to highlight some of the impressive accolades our members received during the week!  

  • Laurie Novak, PhD, and colleagues won the Diana Forsythe Award at AMIA 2022 for their paper, “Disappearing Expertise in Clinical Automation: Barcode Medication Administration and Nurse Autonomy”.  

  • Elise Russo, MPH, received a Distinguished Poster recognition for her poster “Hacking Mental Health: A Vanderbilt Clinical Informatics Center Hackathon,” done with Allison McCoy, PhD, Thomas Reese, PharmD, PhD, Adam Wright, PhD, and colleagues.  

  • Congrats to Allison McCoy, PhD, Elise Russo, MPH, Kevin Johnson, MD, Neal Patel, MD, MPH, Jonathan Wanderer, MD, Dara Mize, MD, Thomas Reese, PharmD, PhD, Scott Nelson, PharmD, MS, Chetan Aher, Wael Alrifai, MD, MS, Cheryl Cobb, MD, Sara Horst, MD, MPH, David Johnson, MD, Sharidan Parr, MD, MSCI, MS, Christine Smith, MD, Aileen Wright, MD, Adam Wright, PhD, and colleagues, Clickbusters initiative made it into the AMIA 2022 Year in Review

  • Allison McCoy’s article on the AMIA First Look Program also made it into the AMIA 2022 Year in Review!