Physician Builder Program

Physician Builder Program Graphic

VUMC engages end users in the build and local administration of Epic in order to leverage local expertise and improve satisfaction The combination of clinical understanding (what a provider wants the system to do) and the technical understanding (what the system is capable of doing) has led to innovation and more efficient end users.

VUMC’s Physician Builder program gives advanced training to physicians and other providers with a desire to learn how to make improvements to the system. These courses are offered through Epic Systems Corp. They describe the configuration of the system, opportunities for optimization, including the discussion of guardrails for potential unintended consequences of changes to each build item.

VUMC has the largest Physician Builder program per capita of all Epic customers, with 91 members currently. The program has also been recognized by Epic for its success.

If you are interested in joining, please visit the Physician Builder Sharepoint or our Confluence page (only accessible via VUMC VPN or on campus internet connections) "Joining the physician builder program" for details on required Epic training and internal paperwork processes. 

You can also reach out to with any questions.