BPA Clickbusters

Clickbusters is a VCLIC initiative focused on improving safety and quality and reducing burnout through the optimization of Epic.

The BPA Clickbuster program is helping improve Epic BPAs (best practice advisories). With the goal of achieving tangible improvements to Epic, Clickbusters has already reduced alerts, so far by 71,227 alerts per week!


VCLIC has designed a process for "busting" BPAs, which is outlined in detail on our Confluence page

 The BPA Clickbusting Process:

  1. Review the current BPA logic and function
  2. Review the BPA's firing and acceptance data in Tableau
  3. Review JIRA to learn the history of the BPA
  4. Look at the BPA through the eyes of the user
  5. Review the clinical evidence
  6. Identify possible improvements to the BPA
  7. Discuss your possible improvements with stakeholders
  8. Make changes to the BPA in POC
  9. Test and release the BPA
  10. Evaluate and share the results

Participants in the Clickbuster initiative include physicians (some with Epic Physician Builder certification), nurses, pharmacists, and informaticists​ who sign up to evaluate BPAs and follow the VCLIC-designed process (above) to do so.

The Participants earn points based on how many of the steps of the process they complete for each of their BPAs and how well they document their work. 

The participant who scores the most points is awarded the Golden Mouse Trophy​.  

Runner-up and Third place winners, along with those who are awarded Most Innovative, Most Clicks Reduced, and Judge's Choice awards, receive a VCLIC Ribbon. All winners receive Amazon gift cards.

We just wrapped up our first round of Clickbusters, and the winners will be announced very soon. 


Clickbusters Round 2 Wrapped Up September 1st, 2020 

BPA Clickbusters Round 2 kicked off on June 29th and wrapped up on September 1st. 

Thank you so much to all our participants and everyone in HealthIT who assisted our Clickbusters in accomplishing their BPA analyses! We are evaluating the outcomes and will determine the winners (and announce them) soon!  

If you’d like to learn more about the impact of our first round, please see this article in the VUMC Reporter: Clickbusters program takes on EHR alert fatigue