InformaticCon Fall 2023


InformaticCon Program

VCLIC hosted its second InformaticCon event on Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm in the VU School of Nursing. The event celebrated and showcased a variety of clinical informatics-focused projects that people from across VUMC are or have worked on, and we believe the end result was a display of a truly diverse array of impactful work! During the first hour of the event, we held a poster session with 30 presenters, followed by a 45 minute panel session covering ways to get involved in clinical informatics at Vanderbilt, and a final hour with eight speakers that gave lightning-style (no longer than 7 minute) talks. 

Please find an archive of all the talks and posters we are able to share from the event below! We are already looking forward to next year. 

InformaticCon Collage

Event Photos

Panel - How to Get Involved in Clinical Informatics at Vanderbilt

Patty Sengstack - Informatics in the School of Nursing

Jon Wanderer - VUMC Physician Builders Program

Scott Nelson - MS in Applied Clinical Informatics (MS-ACI) Program

Allison McCoy - Clinical Informatics Core

Adam Wright - Vanderbilt Data Access Working Group (VDAWGs)

Lightning Talks: 

Barron Patterson – Going Paperless “Plus”: Using Electronic Questionnaires to Improve the Quality of Well-Child Care

Mollie Boland & Angie Lockridge – Getting on the Right Track: Developing a New Model to Engage End Users

Parker Evans & Joseph Vento – Epic-Based Tool for the Improvement of Preoperative High Risk Patient Screening

Connor Hartzell – “Are My Blood Products Coming?” A Novel Blood Tracker in Our Electronic Medical Record

Gwen Holder – Decreasing Sliding Scale Insulin Alert Fatigue by 66%

Alvin Jeffery – Customizing EHR Interfaces to Support Diverse Settings, Users, & Workflows

Brent Moseng – Beyond the Classroom: Clinician EHR Efficiency Efforts Never Stop

Kathy Moss – Leveraging Virtual Care Technology to Sustain New Models of Care


Blair Stewart – Get On Board-Don’t Go Down with the Ship: A Thoughtful Look at EHR Downtime Planning

Amber Massey – Using Gamification to Increase Downtime Readiness

Amber Massey & Mollie Boland – Defining Ambulatory Intake Requirements

Daniel Barrett & Randy Winstead – Trends in Pediatric Cardiology Inpatient Service Locations for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

Krystle Suzster– Navigating Unknown Terrain: Launching a Large-Scale Implementation of BCMA During a Global Pandemic

Natasha Miller – Automation of Pediatric Early Warning System

Dawn Greenhagen – Utilizing Pilot Testing Data to Rapidly Install a Mobile Documentation Tool in Key Units of a Major Medical Center

Sabrina Carro – The Empty SmartLink Solution: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve H&P Documentation using Clinical Decision Support

Donnie Sengstack – Clinical Decision Support for Individualized Opioid Prescription

Joseph LeGrand – Using a Data-Driven Approach to Improve Compliance with Non-Violent Restraint Orders

Thomas Reese – Implementable Prediction for Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries

Matt Christensen – Development of an Automatable Electronic Clinical MRSA Risk Prediction Model in Sepsis, Secondary Analysis of the ACORN Trial

Janos Mathe – CDS Challenges & Solutions: The Knowledge Engineering Process for Implementing FHIR & CQL for the STRATIFY AHF Risk Assessment Tool

Tim Coffman – Authoring Portable CDS with CQL Platform

Justin Simpkins & Scott Nelson – Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Create a Scoring System to Reduce Alert Fatigue and Identify Relevant Medication Alerts for Pediatric Patients

Dan Byrne – Artificial Intelligence for Improved Patient Outcomes--Randomization is the Secret Sauce

Asli Weitkamp & Sina Madani – Natural Language Processing Pitfalls in Patient Phenotype Extraction: Challenges and Solutions

Siru Liu – Leveraging Large Language Models for Generating Responses to Patient Messages

Tara Mele & Shane Stenner – Enhancing Required Clinical Experience (RCE) Data Capture through NLP & Educational Data Exchange

Sean Huang – Looking at ChatGPT’s Ability to Identify and Address Alzheimer’s Disease with Reliable Information

Yaa Kumah-Crystal – ChatGPT & the Clinical Informatics Board Examination: The End of Knowledge Based Medical Testing?

Ashley Kim & Allison McCoy – Development & Evaluation of Patient-Facing Prostate Cancer Decision-Aiding App

Megan Wang – Delinking Cephalosporin Cross Sensitivity Alerts in Patients with PAL

Hannah Slater – Characterization of Adult Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder that Use a Patient Portal

Bryan Steitz – Patient Attitudes Towards Having Immediate Access to Test Results

Gwen Holder – Macros: A Tool to Decrease Nursing Documentation Burden

Annette Eskew & Shawn Coomer – The Role of Nursing Informatics in Achieving Magnet Designation

Kelly Aldrich – MIND Lab: Nurturing Well-Being through Immersive Virtual Reality in Nursing Education

Eric Hall – Utilization of QR Codes to Support Rapid Learner Feedback Following Simulations in Nurse Practitioner Programs