Research Immersion Phase Electives

In conjunction with the Office of Medical Student Research the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences offers a broad range of research immersion phase electives for advanced Vanderbilt students.

The Department has a long tradition of supporting medical student research and our faculty have mentored numerous medical students through highly successful research projects. 


Mentor Research Emphasis

Heckers, Stephan MD

The phenotype of psychotic disorders

Deutch, Ariel PhD

Dopamine and neuropsychiatric disorders

Cowan, Ronald MD, PhD

Neuroimaging of obesity and addiction

Newhouse, Paul MD

Neuroimaging in aging and cognition

Blackford, Jennifer PhD

Neuroimaging of anxiety disorders and PTSD

Cascio, Carissa PhD

Neuroimaging in autism spectrum disorders

Patel, Sachin MD, PhD

The role of cannabinoids in neuropsychiatric disorders

Woodward, Neil PhD

Neuroimaging and neuropsychology of psychotic disorders

Corbett, Blythe PhD

Neuropsychological, behavioral, neuroimaging, and biological measures

of the socioemotional profile in autism and related disorders

Taylor, Warren MD

Neuroimaging and clincal depression research and aging