Psychiatry Grand Rounds 1/29 | General Psychiatry Division Case Conference "What is Schizophrenia?""

General Case Conference GR

Friday January 29 12:00 noon CST | via Zoom Webinar

"What is Schizophrenia?"



This year’s General Psychiatry Division case conference will focus on a core aspect of the general psychiatry division - schizophrenia. Dr. Jeff Stovall and Dr. Maja Skikic, key members of the treatment team, will describe a prototypical clinical presentation of schizophrenia focusing on aspects of descriptive psychopathology and the mental status examination in general. 
Dr. Ariel Deutch will then segue to cover the neural mechanisms underlying the disorder addressing the most well-established pathological theories: the dopamine hypothesis, revised dopamine hypothesis, interneuron dysfunction and synaptic pruning.
Utilizing reliable neuroimaging data to aid in understanding the pathology of the disorder is the focus of Dr. Maureen McHugo and Dr. Suzanne Avery's ongoing research work in the early psychosis program. They will shed light on hippocampal function in schizophrenia providing a basis for Dr. Alan Lewis to share some of his translational research focusing on hippocampal function and cognition in animal models in order to showcase how researchers here at VUMC Psychiatry are integrating both clinical research and translational neuroscience to understand the psychopathology of schizophrenia.


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  Jan 29 Psychiatry Grand Rounds | General Case Conference

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