LifeFlight Leadership

Executive Leadership

Physician Leadership

  • Jeremy Brywczynski

    MD, Associate Professor - Emergency Medicine
    Medical Director - Critical Care Transport
  • Rebecca Sokel Kidd

    MD, Associate Professor, Clinical Pediatrics
    Medical Director - Pediatrics
  • Jared McKinney

    MD, Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
    Medical Director - Ground, Communications, and Event Medicine
  • Michael C. Smith

    MD, Assistant Professor, Surgery, Division of Acute Care Surgery
    Associate Medical Director - Trauma
  • J Newton

    MD, Vice Chair of Clinical Obstetrics, Associate Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology
    LifeFlight Liaison, Maternal Fetal Medicine

Air Methods Leadership

Critical Care Leadership

Education, Quality and Safety Leadership

Communications Leadership

Event Medicine Leadership

Ground Transport Leadership

Operations Personnel