Operation Tail Watch Course

Operation Tail Watch is LifeFlight's helicopter use and safety class. The class covers helicopter use, patient criteria, LZ selection and safety, and helicopter safety.


We offer the Operation Tailwatch class online, or we can bring the class to you. The online class consist of a powerpoint presentation including a short video to put it all together. Following the presentation you will be asked to take a short quiz. You will be required to fill out an information form with your contact information. Once submitted you will receive .1 CEU within a few weeks via email. CEUs will only be awarded to candidates within the Vanderbilt LifeFlight service area. Just click on the link below to begin.


If you would like a LifeFlight representative to come to your facility to teach the class, then you may click on the Operation Tail Watch Request Form and fill out the information. An Operation Tailwatch representative will contact you to schedule a class. The class will consist of a 1-1.5 hour powerpoint presentation and if possible a fly in with an aircraft. We will set up an actual landing zone and have an aircraft fly in for approx 30-45 minutes. Aircraft are available for OTW classes during daylight hours only and are dependent on weather and current flight request volume. Participants will have an opportunity to ask the flight crew questions, photograph the aircraft, and get hands on training with helicopter safety.

For any questions you may email operationtailwatch@vumc.org.

View the Operation Tail Watch online training here.
This online course takes about 60 minutes to complete.

The link above will take you to our partner site, Career Cert. You will be required to create an online profile, and you will be asked for your State EMS license number and expiration date. Please have those handy. Once you create a profile and log in, you will find the Operation Tailwatch course under the "EMS Course Library" tab on the left.

Once you complete the course, you will be asked to fill out an evaluation, and then awarded your certificate.