Managing Two VUnet IDs

You are going to receive an additional email address: Your existing VUMC VUnet ID will be associated with your email address.

You will retain your email address, which will be associated with your new VU VUnet ID.

New email address Use current VUMC VUnet ID 
Current email address

Use new VU VUnet ID


When should I use my VU VUnetID?

Use your VU VUnetID for applications that are tied to the university (Brightspace, YES, VSTAR, etc.).  If you are an employee of the university, your login to Oracle for HR services is your VU VUnetID. 

When should I use my VUMC VUnetID?

Use your VUMC VUnetID to log-in to all clinical applications.  If you are an employee of the Medical Center, your login to C2HR is your VUMC VUnetID. 

VUMC Faculty Applications (Clinical and Business)

What happens if I use the wrong VUnetID for an application?

One of three things may occur:

  • The application will likely not allow you to log in.
  • The application will let you log in as a new or guest user with no reference to your other identity.
  • The application may allow you to use it with erroneous results.

If you encounter any of these situations, log-out and log back in with the correct VUnetID.