Fall Back

​There's nothing like the fall season. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and we even gain an extra hour of sleep. The first Sunday of November at 2 a.m. marks the end of Daylight Saving Time, and while it's nice to have a little more rest, we end up losing more sunlight during the day. When we lose a few hours of sun exposure, it can cause us to feel fatigued.

To help you adjust to the time change, here are some tips to brighten your day:

  1. Reset your internal clock by increasing light in the morning. You can start by turning on lights, opening curtains, or even going for a brisk walk.
  2. Reduce the bright lights in the evening, especially before bedtime. Put away those laptops, cell phones, and tablets before you doze off. Change your iPhone settings to night shift mode or blue filter light on your Android phone's brightness options, which adjusts the colors and brightness when the sun sets in your area or download the free app, Twilight, if you have an Android device.
  3. Alter your bedroom to make sure it's quiet, dark, and at a comfortable temperature.
  4. Avoid eating large meals and drinking alcohol or caffeine before bed. These can make it hard for you to get a good night's sleep.
  5. Make sure you fit in exercise earlier in the day and not right before bed. Stress can worsen sleep, so try some calming routines at bedtime. Some examples are taking a warm bath, drinking hot decaffeinated tea, or listening to soothing music.

There are also free resources you can take advantage of! You can check out Health & Wellness' Take Good Care with Better Sleep Habits to learn more tips on how to improve sleep. Try a free app like Happify or CBTi Coach that can help your reduce stress and feelings of fatigue. For more assistance, contact Work/Life Connections-EAP at 615-936-1327.