Take Good Care

Take Good Care 

A video series sharing practical ways to support your well-being.

Be Connected Take Good Care: Be Connected – Having a sense of connectedness can greatly improve our overall well-being. Vanderbilt University Medical Center expert, Terako Amison, MD, shares how to create and maintain social connections, and the benefits that a feeling of connectedness can have on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Click to view.

Take Good Care with Better Well-being - Well-being plays an important role in your overall health. But, what is well-being? In this video, Vanderbilt experts share the meaning of well-being along with 3 quick tips to improve your own well-being today. Click to view!

Take Good Care: Make Mindfulness a Habit – How we handle stress can impact our mental and physical health. Practicing mindfulness can help you manage your response to stress. In this video, Vanderbilt experts share 3 quick tips for making mindfulness a habit so you are prepared when life takes a stressful turn. Click to view!

Woman Sleeping Take Good Care When Sleep is Hard to Find – Lack of sleep can be one of our greatest challenges, especially if family demands or work demands keep you up at night. Here are two tips that will help you navigate those sleepless nights. Click to view!

Woman Sleeping Take Good Care with Better Sleep Habits - Vanderbilt experts explain why sleep is so important and share easy tips to improve your sleep habits. Click to view!