Health Plus Supports Healthy Pregnancies!

Health Plus
November 28, 2016
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Health Plus offers Babies & You, a prenatal health promotion program for faculty/staff, spouses, and dependents. The program encourages early and consistent prenatal care and provides monthly educational opportunities on topics like nutrition, coping with the discomforts of pregnancy, newborn care, choosing a pediatrician, and more. These lessons are led by Vanderbilt nurse midwives, pediatricians, lactation consultants, and other experts. Babies & You offers an incentive to eligible participants registering in the first trimester of pregnancy.

The Balancing Act: Combining Family and Work Effectively

Balancing work and home responsibilities is a challenge for most people. The good news is that there are strategies to reclaim control. Achieving a balance between work and home life takes effort, so you have to be willing to work toward it.
 Seven Practical Tips for Balancing Work and Family

Exposure to Resistant Bacteria in Pregnancy

Occupational Health Clinic
September 27, 2011

VRE (Vancomycin Resistant Enterocci) and MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus) are common in hospitals. Staph is a normal bacteria on human skin and Enterocci are normal bacteria in the human bowel. Patients who have been hospitalized for long periods develop resistant bacteria as a result of exposure to many antibiotics or the hospital environment. In recent years resistant organisms have become very common in the community and patients often bring them into the hospital.