About Go for the Gold

Go for the Gold 3 Steps and Wellness Credit

The Go for the Gold program includes three steps. Complete each step by October 31st, 2024 by logging in to the Health & Wellness Information Portal (HWIP). Earn rewards up to $240 per year.

Step 1. Health Risk Assessment: First, complete the Health Risk Assessment to help identify personal health risks and ways to improve your health. Earn $120 for reaching the bronze level (Health Risk Assessment).

Step 2. Wellness Actions Log: Next, use the Wellness Actions Log to take action toward maintaining or improving your wellness. Earn $180 for reaching the silver level (Health Risk Assessment + Wellness Actions Log).

Step 3. Game Plan For Your Health: Finally, view the Game Plan For Your Health video to make a plan for your health. Earn $240 for reaching the gold level (Health Risk Assessment + Wellness Actions Log + Game Plan for Your Health). VUMC's award-winning three step Go for the Gold program can help you achieve a healthier and more productive life by identifying health risks and taking action to reduce those risks.


Go for the Gold Wellness Credit

Faculty and staff paying for VUMC Health Plan benefits on 1/1/2025 can earn a Wellness Credit of up to $240 for completing Go for the Gold. VUMC faculty and staff not paying for the health plan are encouraged to participate in Go for the Gold to help maintain or maximize their health and well-being, but will not be eligible for the Wellness Credit.

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