Department Announces Chief Residents for Class of 2022

The Department of Radiology recently announced chief residents for the Diagnostic Radiology (DR) and Integrated Interventional Radiology (IR) class of 2022.

Third-year DR resident Drs. Emily Lippincott and Shuai Yuan, and fourth-year IR resident Drs. Casey Cable, Janesh Lakhoo and Alan North, will assume their roles as chief residents for their respective residency training programs starting in June.

“We are excited to announce Dr. Lippincott and Dr. Yuan as the incoming chief residents for DR,” said Cari Motuzas, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology and Program Director for the DR residency. “We know they are going to be excellent leaders! We appreciate the hard work of Dr. Ryan Adams and Dr. Fadi Azer who have done an outstanding job as chiefs this past year, including mentoring our new incoming chief residents.”

As DR chief residents, Drs. Lippincott and Yuan will be responsible for serving as liaisons between the residents and program and departmental leadership; supporting resident education and well-being; and managing the resident schedule. They will also assist program leadership in the upcoming interview season.

“We are most looking forward to serving and supporting our co-residents to facilitate the highest level of training and education, and to assisting the department in leading the residency to best take care of our patients,” said Drs. Lippincott and Yuan.

For the IR residency, however, this will be the first year that residents formally recruited into the integrated IR residency program will serve as chief residents. IR program leadership has implemented a model – similar to that of a surgical residency – that will have its senior-most residents serving as chiefs in their fifth year. This model, spearheaded by current chief IR resident Drs. Norry Taylor and Bill Winter, will be applied to each subsequent class of IR residents, and will result in three chief IR residents each year moving forward. Chief IR residents will primarily be responsible for mentoring the other IR residents as they move through their IR curriculum, as well as interacting with major service lines and surgical players in the hospital.

“We’re really excited to have Drs. Cable, Lakhoo and North, join us as our incoming IR chiefs,” said Ryan Muller, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology and Program Director of the IR Residency. “They have been absolute rock stars since their internships, and we’re excited to see them reach this culmination of their training now.”

"As we move into this next stage of our training, we are excited for the opportunity to leverage our role as chiefs to contribute to the ongoing development of the IR residency program,” added Drs. Cable, Lakhoo and North. “As the first match class of the new integrated IR/DR program, we hope our unique perspective will be beneficial in promoting changes that lead to an improved experience for our co-residents, patients and the greater radiology department."

The chief residents will be among 40 trainees – 24 in DR and 16 in IR – that comprise Vanderbilt Radiology’s residency programs in the 2021-2022 academic year.


Casey Cable, MD

Casey Cable, MD, Interventional Radiology  

Janesh Lakhoo, MD

Janesh Lakhoo, MD, MS, Interventional Radiology 


Emily Lippincott, MD

Emily Lippincott, MD, Diagnostic Radiology  

Alan North, MD

Alan North, MD, Interventional Radiology

Shuai Yuan, MD

Shuai Yuan, MD, Diagnostic Radiology