Warren Taylor, MD, MHSc

James G. Blakemore Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Director, Divisions of General and Geriatric Psychiatry

Dr. Warren Taylor joined the Vanderbilt Department of Psychiatry and the Vanderbilt Center for Cognitive Medicine in 2012. He currently has a joint appointment between Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center (GRECC) at the Nashville VA Hospital in the VA Tennessee Valley Health System. His primary administrative roles include serving as the Division Director of the both the Divisions of General Psychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry as well as Program Director for the Vanderbilt Fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry. He has served on numerous NIH grant review committees and is a frequent reviewer for scientific journals for manuscripts on depression, aging and cognitive neuroscience. He mentors a wide range of individuals developing research careers in these areas.    

Clinical Interests

Dr. Taylor is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of older adults with depressive disorders. He provides outpatient care of depressed elders and directs a large research group focused on this population.

Research Information

For the last 20 years, Dr. Taylor has studied the neurobiology of depression in older adults, also called late-life depression. This work focuses on biological factors contributing to the occurrence, phenomenology, and outcomes of depression in older adults, with a particular focus on pathological brain aging. His work uses a variety of approaches including neuroimaging, ecological, neurocognitive, genetic, and experimental therapeutic approaches to advance our understanding of the pathogenesis of depression. These approaches are often accompanied by clinical trials, including work with novel or repurposed drugs, designed to probe the biological substrates of the antidepressant response. His work has elucidated structural and functional neuroimaging findings that are related to depression and treatment outcomes, particularly the influence of vascular disease on depression.

Selected Publications:

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