India Reddy, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Division of Addiction Psychiatry

Dr. India Reddy is a board-certified psychiatrist with expertise in the treatment of addictive disorders. She completed both a medical doctorate and a graduate doctorate in neuroscience at Vanderbilt University, and went on to complete her residency in psychiatry at Vanderbilt as well. She completed fellowship training in addiction psychiatry through the University of Utah in Salt Lake City before joining the faculty at Vanderbilt in 2023. Dr. Reddy primarily serves as an attending on the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital inpatient unit, treating individuals with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. In addition to her clinical duties, she is involved in research to better understand patterns around the presentation and treatment of substance use disorders using electronic medical record and genetic data. She is also passionate about the education of students, residents, and fellows. 

Research Information

Representative Publications:

DiCarlo GE, Mabry SJ, Cao X, McMillan C, Woynaroski TG, Harrison FE, Reddy IA, Matthies HJ, Flynn CR, Wallace MT, Wu H, and Galli A (2021). Autism-Associated Variant in the SLC6A3 Gene Alters Metabolism and the Oral Microbiome in a Murine Model. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12, 467.

Reddy IA, Smith NK, Erreger K, Ghose D, Saunders C, Foster DJ, … Galli A (2018). Bile diversion, a bariatric surgery, and bile acid signaling reduce central cocaine reward. PLOS Biology, 16(7).

Reddy IA, Pino JA, Weikop P, Osses N, Sørensen G, Bering T, ... Galli A (2016). Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor activation regulates cocaine actions and dopamine homeostasis in the lateral septum by decreasing arachidonic acid levels. Translational Psychiatry, 6(5), e809.

Sørensen G, Reddy IA, Weikop P, Graham DL, Stanwood GD, Wortwein G, Galli A, and Fink-Jensen A (2015). The Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist Exendin-4 Decreases Cocaine Self-Administration in Mice. Physiology and Behavior, 149, 262-268.

Reddy IA, Wasserman DH, Ayala JE, Hasty AH, Abumrad NN, and Galli A (2014). Striatal Dopamine Homeostasis is Altered in Mice Following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 5(10), 943-951.

Bowton EA, Saunders C, Reddy IA, Campbell NG, Hamilton PJ, Henry LK, Coon H, Sakrikar D, Veenstra-VanderWeele JM, Blakely RD, Sutcliffe J, Matthies HJG, Erreger K, and Galli A (2014). SLC6A3 coding variant Ala559Val found in two autism probands alters dopamine transporter function and trafficking. Translational Psychiatry, 4(10), e464.

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Gorrindo P, Peltz A, Ladner TR, Reddy I, Miller BM, Miller RF, and Fowler MJ (2014). Medical students as health educators at a student-run free clinic: improving the clinical outcomes of diabetic patients. Academic Medicine, 89, 625-631.