Finlayson, Brown article on professional misconduct, polygraphs featured in Journal of Medical Regulation

A.J. Reid Finlayson, M.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, was the lead author of a paper titled "Professional Sexual Misconduct: The Role of the Polygraph in Independent Comprehensive Evaluation," soon to be published by the Journal of Medical Regulation. Kimberly Brown, Ph.D., ABPP, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, is listed as second author of the paper.

The study examines the use of Psychophysiologic Detection of Deception (Polygraphy) as part of an independent, comprehensive, fitness for practice evaluation, comparing the findings of 18 non-randomized subjects selected from medical professionals referred for assessment for violating sexual boundaries. Results suggest that the polygraph appears to be a useful component of an independent, comprehensive evaluation for sexual misconduct, as it may provide additional information
to better understand what happened and more accurately determine a strategy for possible rehabilitation of the physician.

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