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NEW!  PMI's NIH Just-In-Time Information and Policy

When do you need to submit a JIT for NIH and how does it work?  Click here for detailed information about NIH's Just-in-Time mechanism and PMI JIT policy.


CoeuseCAT for NIH Applications with Human Subjects

For projects that do include Human Subjects, the Coeus Team has developed a new web-tool, called . The eCat tool replaces the old Inclusion Enrollment Questionnaire in Coeus and allows users to answer the new, more detailed mandatory form. The tool will be linked to Coeus and it gives proposal creators a user-friendly way to answer questions, upload human subjects narratives, and check their answers against known NIH validations

For an overview for how to use NIHs new application guide, you can view this video on YouTube: NIH: Using Our NEW Application Guide

images.jpgReminder: Font and Text Size in Applications

OSP would like to remind all applicants of the importance of using the proper font and text size for all grant application submissions.

Because these stylistic selections impact spacing, circumventing these requirements may give the appearance that the applicant is attempting to manipulate page limitations. Therefore, NIH and other agencies pay particular attention to their adherence. The smallest variation may lead to a proposal being considered “non-compliant” and returned without review.

Similarly, we recommend that all applicants review (triple-check, even!)  the formatting of an application after its conversion to a PDF. In the past we have seen slight alterations to font and spacing during this process. Please note that, while NIH is aware of reported conversion issues, the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) will still hold all applications to NIH’s strict font and text size guidelines.

If you have questions or need assistance with the process outline above, please feel free to contact OSP’s Technical Team.


NIH logoNIH Modification to Guidance on Marking Changes in Resubmission Applications

Notice Number: NOT-OD-15-030

Just a reminder!  This Notice informs the applicant community of a modification for how NIH would like applicants to mark changes in their Resubmission applications. See go to the full NOT for important details.    NOT-OD-15-030


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