Windows 10 Upgrade - Administrative Workstations


The upgrade experience for administrative workstations will be different from that of clinical workstations.


       Windows10before.jpg       windows10after.jpg

Windows 10 Upgrade Video

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What will my Windows 10 experience be?

  • An icon called “Software Center” will appear on your computer’s desktop 
  • Allow up to four hours for your upgrade
  • Your workstation will not be available during your upgrade
  • Make sure you are connected to a wired network or a stable WiFi connection
  • Make sure your workstation is plugged into a power outlet
  • If your upgrade is not successful for any reason, your computer will revert back to your original operating system automatically

Is there anything I could do to prepare?

  • Begin your upgrade as you leave for the day
  • Backup your important files to a network folder or to Box storage before you begin your upgrade

Where can I get support and assistance?

This information applies to VUMC-managed workstations only. For all other workstations, contact your independent service provider.