Requirements for use of personal devices changing on Feb. 1, 2020

Enterprise Cybersecurity at Vanderbilt University Medical Center works diligently to ensure the protection of the data which is entrusted to VUMC. The next big step toward securing VUMC data is ensuring that any device (including personal devices) used to access VUMC data is encrypted and secured.

The security of these devices is in keeping with the VUMC policy on Use of Mobile Devices to Conduct VUMC Business. A mobile device management initiative is crucial in reaching that goal.

WorkSpace ONE is the enterprise mobile device management tool VUMC has chosen for the Medical Center. Enrolling devices in WorkSpace ONE will become a requirement for anyone who uses a personal device to access VUMC email on February 1, 2020. Enrolling in WorkSpace ONE ensures that devices are safe for access to VUMC data in the same way our workstations are.

For employees concerned about privacy on their personal devices, VUMC Enterprise Cybersecurity stresses that Workspace ONE does not track location and is not a data collector.

Visit the Enterprise Cybersecurity website for:

  • Enrollment information
  • Tech Hub enrollment events
  • FAQ
  • Mobile device management privacy information

See the announcement article in the VUMC Reporter.

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