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Workplace mobility is becoming increasingly important for continued growth and innovation at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. However, the convenience and widespread use of personal devices present a number of issues for Medical Center security. Our Enterprise Cybersecurity team works diligently to protect VUMC data, and has deployed several technologies to enable better protection of that data.

The next big step toward securing VUMC data is assuring that any device (including personal devices) used to access VUMC data is encrypted and secured. The security of these devices is in keeping with the VUMC policy on the Use of Personal Devices to Conduct VUMC Business. A mobile device management initiative is crucial in reaching that goal. 

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  • Enterprise Cybersecurity has chosen the WorkSpace ONE platform as the mobile device management tool for the enterprise. When users download the WorkSpace ONE application to their phone, it creates a container on the device, encrypts it, installs a VUMC email configuration, and requires a passcode to access the device.

    Enrolling in WorkSpace ONE ensures that personal mobile devices are safe to access VUMC data in the same way our workstations are.

  • WorkSpace ONE is not used by Vanderbilt University Medical Center as a data collector or a location tracker.

    When you download WorkSpace ONE on your personal devce, most of the management, monitoring, and collection options are are asked to 'accept' or 'allow' are disabled by Enterprise Cybersecurity. This application is only used to manage VUMC data.