ExpeditionTech launches new tools and technology in 2021!

In an ongoing effort to create secure and modern technology environments, VUMC IT has launched a multi-year initiative called ExpeditionTech. Eventually, this initiative will touch every VUMC device, tool, and application, along with all VUMC’s data. Throughout 2021, you can expect to receive VUMC IT support to guide you through these changes, along with regular updates tailored to your specific department or user group. 

What benefits can you expect from ExpeditionTech in 2021?

•    Improved flexibility through real-time collaboration
•    Easier, more secure access to systems, applications, & documents
•    Enhanced productivity with new, modernized workstations

For high-level information on planned initiatives, see the attached ExpeditionTech 2021 Overview. For more detailed information, visit the ExpeditionTech webpage at www.vumc.org/it/expedition-tech