Group Management

VUMC's Group Management Tool is a web-based, self-service portal for delegated security group creation and membership management in the new Active Directory (AD) environment.

  • Group Creators can quickly create new groups conforming to VUMC's Active Directory group standards.
  • Group Owners can easily make and track changes to their groups. They will also receive e-mail notification of join requests and can approve or deny them as needed. 
  • Workforce Members can intuitively search for and request to join or leave existing groups. 


Become a Group Creator

  1. Review this Knowledge Article about How to Create a GroupKM0015218
  2. Then submit this form in Pegasus

Training and Assistance

Group Management FAQ
The following FAQ have been gathered to answer some of the common questions about the Group Management. If you have any further questions, please contact the IT team.



+What does this mean to me?
  • Sometime in the next few weeks, Project Expedition will be starting the process of migrating applications to Once your application is in you will begin using Groups Management's Web UI to manage group membership.
  • Soon, will be open for addition of new applications, if these applications need AD groups, the membership management will go through Groups Management's Web UI.
+What types of groups will the tool manage?

On-prem security groups in

+How do I prepare for the switch to the Groups Management tool?

The Groups Management tool comes with a very intuitive, user-friendly Web UI. The project team is putting together an in-person training schedule. If you cannot make the training dates, no problem. The training video and tutorials will be made available on the VEC website.

+When can I start using the Groups Management Tool?
  • After due process, we will be assigning you the role appropriate to your requirements. You will be able to use the tool as soon as the role is assigned.
  • Note: Groups management only handles Groups related to use-cases. You will not be able to utilize the Groups unless you have a process or application in The ExpeditionTech Application Migration team will be reaching out to you about the application migrations.
+What should my next steps be?
  • Stay tuned, more information on the training schedule will be shared in the next meeting.
  • If you require the Groups Creator role, we recommend you enroll in the in-person training.
  • If the applications managed by you or your constituents rely on the AD Groups, please highlight that to the Application Migration team.