Simple Steps to Wellness

Makenzie Parks, LCSW

September is recognized as National Self-Care Month, focusing on managing stress, taking care of oneself, and promoting healthy routines. Self-care includes many aspects of wellness such as physical, mental, social health. This month, we encourage you to take time to assess how frequently you perform self-care activities and identify areas of your well-being that need more attention.

Here are four simple tips to maximize your health and wellness:

  1. Acknowledge the importance of caring for yourself. Healthcare workers can be guilty of putting everyone’s health before their own. We all need time and energy dedicated to our own well-being, so be sure to acknowledge your own needs.
  2. Make a personalized plan. Everyone is different and thus self-care should be individualized. Think about what specific activities make you feel rested or joyful, then plan to incorporate them in your routine.
  3. Start small. You don’t need to overhaul your schedule to increase your self-care time. Start by prioritizing 5 minutes per day. It’s amazing what even just 5 minutes of care for yourself can do.
  4. Take charge of your own well-being. Colleagues and managers can encourage self-care, but only you can make it happen!

If you would like to schedule an appointment to explore your health and wellness, reach out to Work/Life Connections-EAP for support. Call 615.936.1327 to schedule a confidential appointment with one of our EAP counselors.