Online Required Training Modules


The online training modules for incoming house staff consists of 2 parts. After training is assigned it may be completed immediately. Please allow plenty of time because the training may take approximately 8 hours to complete and issues completing the courses may come about unexpectedly. eStar online training must be completed before your instructor-led training which will take place during orientation.

  1. Safety and Compliance Training
    • To access this training go to, click 'My Courses' and complete the modules listed below. For any technical issues with the Learning Exchange, you can email OR contact the VUMC help desk ( or 615-343-4357)
      • 2022 FY Addressing Adverse Events and Medical Errors, Documentation, and Reporting to the Medical Examiner
      • 2022 FY FERPA Tutorial (House Staff)
      • 2022 FY Residents and Fellows as Teachers
      • 2023 FY Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Prevention Initial Compliance Training
      • 2023 FY Clinical Radiation Safety Training for VUMC House Staff
      • 2023 FY Initial Compliance Training
      • 2023 FY Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Safety Lesson (** See note below**)
      • 2023 FY VUMC Central Venous Access Devices-CVAD
      • 2023 FY VUMC Timeout and Fire Safety Prevention in the OR
      • Clinical Alarm Systems Management Policy
      • Culture of Service: Service Recovery
      • Defining Personalized Care - Clinicians As Leaders
      • Opioid Laws - Prescribing at VUMC Survey (Completed via Cloud)
      • Physician Response to Emergencies (NIMS)
      • Procedural Minimal Sedation and Analgesia
      • VUMC Guidelines for Standardized Handoffs - SBAR for Physicians Lesson
      • VUMC Informed Consent for Physicians Training
      • VUMC Managing Fatigue for House Staff
      • VUMC Patient Safety - Correct Patient, Procedure and Site
      • Code Blue and Emergent Airway Management in COVID-19 Positive or Suspected Patients (VUAH) (if assigned)
      • 2023 FY - Radiation Safety During Fluoroscopy (if assigned)
      • Workplace Violent Prevention 
      • Exclusion Training
      • GOLLD HSSI Level 1 Module 
      • Introduction to Utilization Management 2020
      • VUMC Guidelines for Standardized Handoffs - SBAR for Physicians Lesson
      • Medical Chaperone Training for Providers, Chaperones, and the Leaders
    • ** Some are required to complete a questionairre as part of the MRI safety training. If you are unable to login to the Health and Wellness Information Portal it is because you are not currently employed. You can complete the MRI training in the Learning Exchange now and then complete the questionairre on your start date.
  2. Clinical Systems Training
    • This will be assigned in late May/early June. Please check back for more information.