Leadership and Members

Name Program Graduating Year Position Fact
Nishma Valikodath Pediatrics  2023 Social engagement chair, Pediatrics Residency Liasion Have ran three marathons 
Brandon Esianor  Otolaryngology  2023 Co-Chair  I love to cycle! 
Cara Theoret Child Neurology 2025 Education Committee Co-Lead 2 time state champion in Field Hockey
Graham Van Schaik Emergency Medicine 2022 Emergency Medicine Liaison Rock Climbing
Jamie Pfaff Internal Medicine  2023 Internal Medicine Liaison I love exploring the wonderful hiking Nashville has to offer with my husband. 
Eric Quintana General Surgery/Thoracic 2024 Throacic Surgery Liaison --
Nkechi Nwabueze Ophthlamology 2024 Opthlmology Liaison  --
Heather Grimaudo Neurosurgery 2024 Neurosurgery Liaison Hobbies include running, cycling, and rock climbing.
Leah Chisholm Urology 2025 Urology Liaison I've studied abroad in Spain, Morocco and on a Native American Reservation
Jasmine Walker General Surgery 2023 N/A  Throwing pottery 
Camille Robinson OBGYN  2023 OBGYN Liaison soccer player, art history major
Ashley Spann Gastroenterology/Informatics 2022 Gastroenterology Liaison  Hobbies: playing basketball, cooking, fishing
Mina Nordness General Surgery 2023 HSAC Co-Chair 2020-2021 Interesting Fact: I'm Half-Persian Hobby: I like trading stocks
Rachel Lynn Brancamp Pathology 2022 Liaison I am an amateur seamstress
Victoria Thomas Cardiology  2024 Liaison  I have cliff dived in 5 different countries. 
Eesha Singh Neurology 2024 Liaison Board games
Jenny Kim Anesthesiology 2024 Education Committee Lead, program rep --
Samir Khan PM&R 2023 Liaison Soccer
Lisa Ishii Dermatology 2022 Secretary; Dermatology Liaison Cooking, hiking, trying new restaurants, wine tasting
Shobana Ramasamy Internal Medicine  2022 HAAPI Liaison  I enjoy writing poetry!
Samuel Jean-Baptiste Radiation Oncology 2024 Radiation Oncology Liaison My youngest sister and I share the same birthday.
Oladapo Adeniran Interventional Radiology 2024 Intervnetional Radiology Liaison Birthday is on Christmas
Kaele Leonard Internal Medicine 2021 Co-Chair 2020-2021  I played 2 DIII sports in college - soccer and track
Andrea Davis Internal Medicine 2023 Community Engagement Committee Co-Lead Played volleyball in college
David Xiao General Surgery 2024/2026 Community Engagement Committee Co-Lead Obama follows me on Twitter
Katharine Sourbeer Neurology 2022 Neurology Liaison turtle enthusiast
Saumya Maru Internal medicine 2021 Community engagement 2020-2021  --
Danika Paulo Neurosurgery 2024 Neurosurgery Liaison Yoga/cycling
Christy Henderson Anesthesia  2024 Community involvement Committee Co-Lead  Just got a Bernedoodle puppy!
April Peterson Otolaryngology  2025 Otolaryngology Liaison --