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Collab Hub FAQ's


How to Enroll Microsoft Authenticator MFA

Microsoft Authenticator

Programs and Platforms requiring Microsoft Authenticator MFA

  • Microsoft Office
  • Outlook Email on your phone

If you are unable to login to to enroll the Microsoft authenticator app:

Submit a Pegasus general purpose ticket to VEC Security to get your Microsoft Authenticator Account reset.

Select Request a MFA Replacement Token

Select Replacement type: Microsoft Authenticator


How to Enroll MobilePASS+ MFA


If you get a new phone you will have to submit this Pegasus ticket to get a QR code to activate MobilePASS+

VUMC MFA Configuration Assistant at 

MobilePass App


Programs and Platforms requiring MobilePASS+ MFA

  • VPN
  • Changing E-Password
  • Smartsheet
  • VPN

    Enterprise Cybersecurity is launching a new Virtual Private Network service for the Medical Center to replace the current service offered through Pulse Secure. This new service, F5/BIG-IP Edge, will be available for all Vanderbilt University Medical Center VUMCID holders.


    1. Ensure that you have administrative rights on your laptop or home computer. 
    2. Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication before you install the new VPN client.
    3. Install the Big-IP Edge VPN client.


    How do I use Multi-Factor Authentication with the Virtual Private Network?

    • The Multi-Factor Authentication application will send you a code each time you sign in to the Virtual Private Network using the MobilePass App
    • Ensure that you are enrolled in (MFA) Multi-Factor Authentication using the Mobilepass app before trying to sign in to the Virtual Private Network.
  • To install go to VUMC Apps in the Company Portal app on your phone and install MH-Cure Silver

    If MH-CURE Silver is not visible in the Company Portal then you are not yet an approved user.
    Please complete this Mobile Heartbeat Access Request to get access

  • Please try these steps:

    iOS - Select  VUMCEmployee (not VUMCEmployee setup) , Login with your VuNetID and Password

    Android - Android WiFi Setup Instructions

    For google pixel phone Android 11 WiFi is asking for the domain

    Identity: vanderbilt\Vunet ID
    Password: user password

    Troubleshooting iOS

    • Remove old VUMCEmployeesetup profile.
    • Go to Settings > General > Profiles
    • Remove VUMC Secure Network Profile
    • Go to WiFi, Select  VUMCEmployee (not VUMCEmployee setup) , Login with your VuNetID and Password


    The new process for setting up WiFi on a MAC AWS is as follows:

    1. Connect the WiFi icon to VUMCEmployeeSetup
    2. Open Safari to start the setup process
    3. Check "I accept the terms of the End-User License Agreement"
    4. Click "Start"
    5. Perform step one on the next screen "Install the network profile" (This will cause the system to download the configuration file).
       ​​*** If the configuration file does not download use the Safari browser to go to the following IP address ( This will restart the WiFi setup process perform steps 3-5 again.
    6. Once the configuration file has been downloaded a popup will prompt you to enter your credentials.
    7. Upon successful acceptance of your credentials you should now be able to connect to VUMCEmployee using your vunetID and Password.
  • On your home system or home laptop, go to to download and install Office 365 and the Skype for Business app. Login with your VUMC email address, VUMC ID and Password. 

    Lightweight versions of the Office apps are available right there. Just click an app icon to start using the app in your browser.

    And if you don't already have the desktop versions of the Office apps installed, select Install Office near the top right of the window.

    Office 365

    1. Click on this link to install the full VMware Client
    2. Select Install VMWare Horizon Client
      After it is installed, Click "New Server" >  add:

                 Client      server


    Option 2

    1. Click on this link
    2. Select VMware Horizon HTML Client



  • Click here to open a Pegasus request for the Vanderbilt Staff Access to eStar.

    Click here to open a Pegasus request for the Vanderbilt Contractor Access to eStar.

    Click here to open a Pegasus request for the Vanderbilt Student Access to eStar.

    Click here to open a Pegasus request for the eStar HealthIT Application/Builder Workgroups.

    Click here to open a Pegasus request for the eStar Security Change Request Management.

    Click here to open a Pegasus request to add a new user to Mobile Heartbeat.

    Click here to open a Pegasus request to add a new user to Sectra.

    Click here to open a Pegasus request to add a new user to OnBase.

    Click here to Research related access requests.  You will need to complete the survey to determine access level and training needs. The Clinical Research Fiscal Support Services team will submit your access needs to the eStar Security Team.

  • Please refer to the Installation Instructions for detailed directions for installing CortexXDR agent on self-supported (VUMC-owned) or personally-owned Windows PCs.

    To download CortexXDR for a personally-owned Windows PC that will connect to VUMC's network, click here: Software Store

    You MUST register your device in the VUMC CMDB before you can obtain the installer. If you have not done so, please go to the URL below to register your device. If you need assistance with this step, please contact the helpdesk at 615-343-4357(HELP)

  • VUMC IT CollabHub - Workspace Import Schedule 📅

    Starting on 6/13, VUMC IT Collaboration Platforms will begin importing Microsoft 365 workspaces into CollabHub. We will begin importing Microsoft Teams beginning with letters "B" and "C" and will continue importing over the coming weeks. Please review the CollabHub Import schedule.

    What is CollabHub? 

    Announced in MyVUMC, CollabHub is a tool launched by VUMC IT to improve self-service offerings and to help better govern collaboration spaces in our Microsoft platforms. Learn more by going to the CollabHub website.

    What to expect?

    Owners of Microsoft 365 Teams workspaces will receive Teams notifications and automated emails from VUMC CollabHub ( During the import process workspace owners will be assigned the task to verify the primary and secondary contacts. They will also be provided with an opportunity to delete the workspace if it is no longer needed. 

    Why is this happening?

    Assigning primary and secondary contact is the first step in Microsoft 365 workspace governance. After the import is complete, every workspace will be audited every 6-months by CollabHub to verify ownership and if it is still needed. In the near future additional information will be audited for validation such as members, guest, shared links and overall access. Additional governance features will be enabled in the near future, please review the CollabHub Renewal Process and Feature Roadmap.

    What do I need to do?

    If you are listed as an owner of a Microsoft 365 workspace and a task is assigned to you, please complete the tasks assigned to you in CollabHub. If additional assistance is needed, you can submit a request: CollabHub Pegasus Request.

    Go to CollabHub