Alumni Societies

J.B. Lynch Society
This society honors Dr. J.B. Lynch and his legacy of leadership as the first Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery. He elevated the program to a national level, developed a top-tier teaching program, and introduced the residency option as well as the Vanderbilt Burn Center.

Meacham Society
In 1974, seventeen of Dr. Meacham's former residents established the William F. Meacham Society to honor the physician-teacher. Dr. Meacham is remembered for expanding the laboratory and clinical investigation practices and introducing the residency program of the young Department of Neurological Surgery.

H. William Scott, Jr. Society
The Scott Society was formed in 1972 by former residents of Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott was Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center from 1952 until 1982 and the first Director of Surgical Sciences.