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Enrollment in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has begun!

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On November 19, access to certain areas of C2HR will require MFA enrollment including viewing or changing:

  • Direct-deposit information

  • W-2 or tax information

  • Your personal profile

Enroll in MFA now to help protect your personal information in C2HR.


In an effort to make the Medical Center’s network more secure, VUMC IT is shifting to a more robust multi-factor authentication (MFA) service. This service is provided by an application called MobilePASS that can be downloaded to most mobile devices. Users can also obtain an eToken (a physical hard token) if they do not have a mobile device. 

What is MFA?

Have you ever gotten a text message on your phone with a code that needs to be entered to log in to a system? That's MFA. You know your username and password, but the code contained in the text adds another layer of protection to the authentication process. If someone steals your username and password but doesn't have your phone, they will not be able to impersonate you and access the system.

MFA allows for an extra layer of security when you want to access certain VUMC resources and protects your data and the data of our patients from cyber attackers.

What MFA is not

When you install the MFA software on your personal phone, it will never track your location or the data you have stored on your phone. Further, the applications and sites you visit are not monitored. 

How do I get it?

Use the MFA Configuration Assistant and request your MFA token.

Use the MFA Configuration Assistant to request your MFA token.

If you require assistance, see the MFA enrollment videos in the FAQ below or call the Help Desk at 615-343-HELP/3-4357).

Print out the MFA Information Sheet to post in your area

Check out our enrollment assistance events


Video Directions for enrolling in MFA - Android and iOS devices

Video directions for most VUMC employees (purple) - Android

Video directions for most VUMC employees (purple) - iOS

Video directions for clinicians utilizing Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (orange) - iOS

Video directions for clinicians utilizing Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (orange) - Android


  • Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)
    • For licensed physicians only
  • C2HR
    • For all employees who wish to access certain areas of C2HR including:
      • Viewing or changing direct-deposit information
      • Viewing or changing W-2 or tax information
      • Editing your personal profile

Coming soon

  • VPN
  • Box
  • Office 365

An initial MobilePASS license or eToken is provided at no charge. 

For questions about your token or assistance with enrollment, call the VUMC IT Help Desk at 615-343-HELP (3-4357).

Gemalto SafeNet 

MobilePASS and App


Gemalto SafeNet 


(Only for certain use cases)

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iOS and Android


Standard phone











To request an MFA replacement token, please submit a Pegasus ticket.