Our Mission, Vision & Services

Our Mission is to partner with the Vanderbilt community to facilitate and promote safety in the clinical and research environment.

Our Vision is to achieve excellence through stewardship for safety and health.

Our Services

OCRS Departmental Services

  • The VUMC Office of Clinical and Research Safety provides customer support for issues related to biological safety, chemical safety, radiation safety, fire safety, life safety, workplace safety, emergency preparedness and environmental protection.
  • Through the OCRS After Hours Number, OCRS responds to emergencies on the Vanderbilt campus involving hazardous chemicals, biological hazards, radioactive material, and fires.
  • OCRS provides impact analysis and oversight of regulatory requirements for the following regulatory and licensing agencies:
    • Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
    • Tennessee Occupational Safety & Health Administration (TOSHA)
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC)
    • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
    • TDEC Division of Radiological Health (TDEC, DRH)
    • Department of Transportation (DOT)
    • Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT)
    • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
    • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    • The Joint Commission (TJC)
    • National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)
    • Metropolitan Nashville Fire Codes

Hospital/Clinic Safety Section   meet our staff

The Hospital/Clinic Safety & Training Section provides services related to safety and health in hospital and clinic facilities, and manages several safety related programs so that VUMC will be in compliance with The Joint Commission healthcare acceditation and federal, state and local healthcare regulatory agency requirements.

Chemical Safety Section    meet our staff

The Chemical Safety Section provides services related to chemical safety, lab safety and hazardous chemical waste disposal. 

Biological Safety Section   meet our staff

The Biological & Animal Care Safety Section develops and oversees programs to facilitate and promote the safe handling, transport, use and disposal of biological materials in laboratory, animal or clinical research. These programs include:

  • Manages Vanderbilt Institutional Biosafety Committees
  • Reviews applications for use of biohazardous materials
  • Audits work practices, facilities and equipment for use at established biosafety containment levels
  • Provides biosafety training
  • Manages Animal Care Safety

Radiation Safety Section   meet our staff

The Radiation Safety Section provides a variety of services related to ionizing radiation:

  • Manages Vanderbilt Radiation Safety Committees
  • Reviews applications for use of radiation sources
  • Provides radiation monitoring badges and performs bioassays
  • Manages radioactive waste program
  • Performs radiation source shielding and facility design
  • Calibrates radiation survey meters
  • Purchases, receives & distributes radioactive material
  • Evaluates and monitors radiation producing machines
  • Liaison with TDEC, DRH agency
  • Manages laser safety
  • Provides safety training for ionizing and non-ionizing (laser) radiation
  • Provides assistance and responds to radioactive material spills